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Since 1977 we have taken great pride in our craftsmanship and can Repair, Recore, Sell New and custom fabricate any radiator, any metal, any size to meet your needs. From an antique Ford Model T to a Mack truck and from a generator to the worlds largest earth moving machine screener we can do it all!

            Antique vehicles and muscle cars are a "Sailors Dream" and we would love to be part of this thrilling adventure of restoring your dream antique vehicle to repairing your cooling and heating needs. Upgrading your motor and dropping in a big block or beefing up your motor and need a custom built radiator to keep your engine cool? No Problem! Give us a call today and we will build you a radiator that will always keep the vehicle running at or below normal operating temperature.

            We can increase the thickness of a radiator core, increase the header and footer thickness, increase the number of tubs and staggering them, we can increase the fins per inch and design different style cores from Honey Comb, Flat Fin and the V- Style fins. Lastly we can add louvers and dimples to the tubs to increase the cooling capacity of your engine. Whether its your hotrod 1000 hp engine or your large pay loader or screener we have solutions to meet all your needs.

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