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Heater Cores

A heater core looks like and acts like a miniature radiator that is part of a car, truck or equipment cooling system. The heater core is the system which transfers heat from the coolant running through your radiator to the interior of your vehicle when you command the heat on. It’s also one of the few systems in your car that can leak inside the vehicle where you and your passengers are. Those when something goes wrong with the heater core it could be a potentially messy situation. It may seem like a small system to break down, but it can lead to much bigger problems if it’s not addressed quickly. 

We have been customizing heater core solutions for over 5 decades. We can custom fabricate any heater core, any size and any metal. If you want to convert from your aluminum heater core to Cooper and Brass we are your shop and will fabricate customs solutions for any application. 

Antiques, we love Antigues! For all you antique enthusiasts, we can custom fabricate the 1950's Heater cores in Chevys, Cadillacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles Fords, Moporar etc that are shaped like a donut with a hole in the middle. Or the normal square heater core that has a honeycomb core design. International Radiator can custom fabricate antique heater cores that look identical to the original heater cores that rolled off the show rooms in the early 1900's to present. 

Moreover on all your heavy duty and off road equipment applications, we can repair, sell new, recore and custom fabricate any and all heater cores. We can customize the thickness, core style, header and footer thickness and metal type.

If you need help installing a new heater core on an antique, car, heavy truck and equipment we help facilitate from start to finish. 

Contact us today and we'll help repair, find or build you the best solution for your application.